Magnetic boots

Activo-Med shoes can be used to minimize foot injuries such as: bruising, cracks, shock, degenerative diseases, arthritis, laminitis, inflammation / swelling, ligament or tendon damage or fractures.

Like other Activo-Med systems, the shoes have therapeutic programs preloaded. They are they are available as “extras” for people with Activo-Med rugs or as a Hoof Boot system including a control box, battery, charger, divider and transport bag.


The shoe is operated from the control box and the battery that attaches to the horse’s chain. From here you can choose any of the preset programs.


The vibration module of the cycle generates massage sequences that are transferred to the limbs. The intensity can be adjusted on a 5-level scale. The vibration is felt in the area around the horse’s elbow or hip joint.


The magnetic module generates a pulsating magnetic field parallel to the massage with a direct impact on the limb area.


The device is intended for mobile use. The shoe is clipped to the horse’s hoof so it’s really easy to use.


Magnetic massage shoes are a great complement to the therapy as well as the independent rehabilitation of your horse. Perfect application for horses with tendon overloads as well as “drank”.

Always with your horse: in the stable, at competitions, in transport.

2-in-1 formula

Combined magnetic field and hoof massage are a variant that complements the use of therapy in the leg area.


The control is via a cable connection to the control box or as an independent option with the COMPACT variant of the control box. The horse during the treatment has its hooves fully embedded in its boots.

  • Combination of massage and magnetic field in one component
  • Double action during application
  • Mobile application
  • As an additional component in an existing control box
  • Stand-alone version with integrated control box
  • Stable lightweight design