Magnetic rugs

The rug covers the entire body, providing support and regeneration before and after exercise. It is battery operated and supports Activo-Med protectors, shoes and light therapy products, and can be integrated into any training plan.

The Combi Extend system is an extension of the classic magnetic field of the Combi + Classic version and is designed for even more intensive use. The combined back cover with additional modules in the shoulder and knee area adds even more possibilities.


You can stop looking for a flexible universal system. The Combi + system is the answer: innovative technology with flexible components, covering several application areas.


The production of this model was inspired by the experience of our many professional users at international equestrian competitions.


The device is controlled by a multi-functional controller. Adjustable programs and sequences with a magnetic field system and a massage system work simultaneously. The parameters can be freely adjusted. We have prepared sample programs at the user’s disposal, tailored to the needs of the horse and specific diseases. The operation of the device is child’s play!


For manual programming :
– Combined program: massage and preferred magnetic therapy
– Setting the intensity of the insulation for massage and magnetic field massage
– Separate frequency setting for the magnetic field
– Separate setting of the duration in the massage row
– Duration of the application
– All parameters can be freely modified


Of course, it is always possible to expand with compatible system components.

The best choice

Improves firmness, muscle tone and overall condition. Used daily to support the horse’s performance or rehabilitation.


Let your horse benefit from advanced physiotherapy technology.

Technical data
  • Additional modules in the area of shoulders and knees
  • 14 powerful massage modules
  • 19 pulsating magnetic field coils arranged in 5 rows
  • Integrated collar
  • Up to 3 simultaneous applications