The purchase of our equipment is an investment that pays for itself quickly!


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Are you the owner of a guesthouse and want to not only increase the attractiveness of your offer, but also get an additional source of income?

Purchase our professional magnetic massage set and earn money with Activomed!

The owners’ awareness of the use of physiotherapy is growing. There is a growing demand for massage and physical therapy services. Our equipment is a guarantee of quality, efficiency and ease of use.

Activomed therapy equipment is built like a standard rug. Very easy to use, horses are not afraid of it. It only takes a few minutes to read the instructions for use, put the equipment on the horse and the therapy begins!

What can YOU benefit from this?

Let’s count it on specific numbers. Suppose you have 10 horses in your recreation and 10 in a boarding house. The battery is sufficient for several treatments a day – depending on the programs, it can work up to 2-3 hours non-stop. Therefore, it is enough to use a 20-minute massage-magnetic program at least 10 times.

Each such treatment costs about PLN 100 – it gives effects such as a relaxing and stimulating massage. You can see and feel the difference after the first treatment!

It is enough for each of your “residents” to buy one treatment a month. One thousand zlotys guaranteed & # x1f609; Additionally, you apply therapy to your recreational horses and:

– horses are more obedient

– you call the veterinarian less often

– the riders are happy and they bring their friends to your school.

The purchase of Activomed equipment is an investment that can pay off in just a few months!

Contact one of our representatives for details of the offer and start earning money with us!