About us

The Activo-Med company is experience, quality, modernity and precision. Our products are based on many years of experience of our team and users of our equipment, which is used in professional equestrianism. Each device is a guarantee of German quality. Our equipment is used by the best players in Europe. By purchasing our devices, you can not only equip your own stable, but also create a professional horse rehabilitation center. You will receive the products ordered by our company in the original packaging of the German company Activo-Med along with the original description in English and the warranty card. Additionally, you will receive a translation in Polish so that you can be sure that you understand the application and the idea of ​​operation of the devices.

The prices of the goods are given in EUR and the price is converted into PLN on the day we issue the invoice, thanks to which you can buy the equipment at the EUR exchange rate that is best for you.


Paulina Puchała

Founder and Director of the Horse Physiotherapy School, President of the Horse Physiotherapists Foundation, author of the book “Horse massage as a recipe for health!”. A graduate of Svensk Terapeut Utbilndning AB in Sweden. He has been professionally involved in horse physiotherapy since 2009. On a daily basis, he works with the best riders of all equestrian disciplines, incl. Jarosław Skrzyczyński.

It is the official representative of the company in Poland. She will answer all your bothering questions, advise you, check the current condition of the horses, and help you develop rehabilitation plans.




We pay attention to the following issues:
The therapeutic properties for pulsed magnetic field products according to medical knowledge are not yet fully investigated. The recommended use and mode of action are controversial in medical circles. We assume no responsibility for statements about the treatment and use of our products in other publications on the internet or in the press. This always happens at the personal responsibility of the supplier and is beyond our control. If such information reaches us, we will take appropriate legal action in accordance with the rules against unfair competition.