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Advanced equine therapy systems and equipment The only system in the world combining pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and cyclonic massage.

Activo-Med equipment for fitness, strength and rehabilitation exercises
Choose the devices and build the perfect set for Your horse using the most innovative products in the world ,
to optimize its preparation, improve its performance and accelerate its recovery.

Do you have any questions?
Our team is available to assist in the selection and config of devices.

How to order a matched kit? What is the process of building a kit that is perfect for your horse?

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Order a matched set Being sure that only the components you really need are included in the kit.
Czym jest Activo-Med?

What is Activo-Med?

The Activo-Med series includes horse therapy systems, rugs, leg guards, light therapy systems, water treadmills and SPA . Impuls-Line systems provide massage, pulse magnetotherapy, phototherapy and cold therapy, and can be used to improve flexibility before and after exercise , to solve soft tissue problems, arthritis and rehabilitation after an injury. The Aqua product line includes horse water treadmills and SPA systems suitable for improving condition, strength and recovery.
Comprehensive horse care
Freedom in the construction of the set
Help and technical support